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Packaging Design

Beverage Marketing 

Adobe Creative Suite     

Brand Development 

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The Art & Design of Justin K. Noyes

About Justin kingsley noyes 

Art & illustration are my passions. By incorporating "Dr Suess-ish style" whimsical,graphic inks,traditional elements into my freelance projects My clients ultimately get a unique look. My personal Inspirations include Dr. Suess, Shel Silverstein, Tim Burton, Ralph Steadman & Jim Henson to name a few! 

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To create original work for clients that is able to be marketed & produced with the same quality as the original artwork.


I have had the experience to work with corporate clients & large projects. This has given me the experience necessary to tackle challenging projects confidently knowing my customers will return for business.

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"Every master was once a beginner"

If you are not learning what is the point! I always try to improve, evolve, & get better.


In this day of all things digital I have the experience with both. I started as a traditional illustrator using only ink & watercolor. I now merge the two in packaging design & other commissioned illustration work.