The Illustration Nation 
 IllustrationSGraphic Art. PackagING Design. Brand Identity.

   With an extensive background in production design, management & creative marketing it is my goal to continue working with top notch                                                                  clients and create award winning illustrations, graphics, and consumer products.
Illustration. Art Direction. Graphic Design. Package Design. Concept Design for Retail, Restaurants & Film Productions. Advertising & Project Management.

PACKAGING: Home Depot, Prestone, Under Armour, Kimberly Clark, Bayer, CAT, Target, Walmart
FILM & MEDIA: Columbia Pictures/Happy Madison/Framework LA. ABC studios/Devious Maids
RESTAURANT: Mellow Mushroom, MartiniVille, BeachBites Siesta Key, Tortilla Bay. 
RETAIL: Hive Creations, Classic AX, Roswell Farmers Market, Nectar Jewelry.
EDITORIAL: Sarasota Children's Garden, Vertical Tampa Bay, SRQ.